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Posted: 01.01.2018
Are you looking for work, thinking about making a career move or unsure how stable your job is going to be in 2018? January is a perfect time to organise for the 2018 job hunt! You'll notice job advertisements start to ramp up in the last week of January. 

To be successful in gaining a high rate of interviews, it's important your resume be well tuned for your new job hunt – after all, a well-prepared resume which demonstrates your strengths and markets your true potential will certainly be impressive and prove to the hiring manager that you are serious about employment with their company.

In particular, given our changing job market in the year ahead, the way you market your true worth and capabilities to the recruiter may very well be the definitive point in gaining a position you desire.

A resume which has been slapped together in a hurry, contains old or outdated information, or indeed a focus for the type of job you were applying for some years ago is very unlikely to get you an interview.

Your resume should be an ever-evolving tool, therefore careful consideration should be taken on what you need to include and how you structure your resume for the type of roles you are seeking.

There are several factors you should be taking into consideration and I’m going to share with you some of my tips to start you on your way.

Firstly, your contact details. You would be surprised at how many job seekers either leave off their contact details altogether or forget to update their new mobile number or address.  Have YOU changed address, mobile or even email address?  Take the time now to check your application and ensure it contains the right details.

Another point about personal details… Are you in a position (or want to hold a position) where you need a licence of some kind?  Such as a forklift, or Heavy Rigid?  If you answered yes, then check that this too is updated and included in your resume.

Aside from your contact details, you’ll also want to check that your resume has a clearly defined focus and is tailored for the roles you are seeking.

Take a minute to answer these questions.  Have your goals changed?  Do you want to change career direction?  If you answered yes, then you will need to alter your profile and other key areas of your resume. Some, if not most, information will need adjusting to reflect a clear focus for the roles you now seek.

As a guide, some information may need toning down or condensing, whilst other information will need expansion and highlighting. This is particularly true of your key accountabilities (tasks) for the role that is relevant to your new career direction.

Likewise, the profile will need adjusting to ensure appropriate tailoring. Another tailoring factor to consider is altering the order of relevance for the different sections in your resume, as well as the content therein.

If you need free resume and job application assistance just call Joblink Midwest’s Career Centre on 99641022.

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